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AMP579 Delivery for Myocardial Infarction Reduction. A trial assessing the ability of AMP579, an adenosine agonist, to limit the final size of an infarct
Conclusion Final infarct size was ±10% for treatment and placebo groups; treatment group did marginally better
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We shall be admirably placed upon that little theatre.
As against the purely negative action of the scientific spirit, the high-pitched Grey, the theistic Elsmere, the "ritualistic priest," the quaint Methodist Fleming, both so admirably sketched, present [69] perhaps no unconquerable differences.
inspired book admirably suited to the spiritual needs of his neighbor.
She played admirably on the piano; and the sick man happened--most unfortunately, as the event proved--to be fond of music.
As another poet has said of him, "Ben as a rule--a rule which is proved by the exception--was one of the singers who could not sing; though, like Dryden, he could intone most admirably.
Julian gave the word of command, addressing the admirably constructed automaton by the name of "James.
In one very limited sense, as we shall hereafter see, this may be true; but it is preposterous to attribute to mere external conditions, the structure, for instance, of the woodpecker, with its feet, tail, beak, and tongue, so admirably adapted to catch insects under the bark of trees.
The outline of the mountain was admirably clear and defined.
Thus Fortune, after having diverted herself, according to custom, with two or three frolicks, at last disposed all matters to the advantage of our heroine; who indeed succeeded admirably well in her deceit, considering it was the first she had ever practised.
Insufferably insolent and challenging was the effect in Alexey Alexandrovitch's eyes of the black lace about the head, admirably touched in by the painter, the black hair and handsome white hand with one finger lifted, covered with rings.
They were reported to me as getting on together admirably well, and as being now established, for the season, in Mrs.
While Sacha is able to remain admirably eventempered about seeing the man who got a little too close to his wife Chrissie, another new arrival on Keller really makes him lose his cool.