administrative costs

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administrative costs, the overhead expenses incurred in the operation of a dental benefits program, excluding costs of dental services provided.
administrative services only (ASO),
n an arrangement in which a third party, for a fee, processes claims and handles paperwork for a self-funded group. This frequently includes almost all insurance company services, including actuarial services, underwriting, and benefit description, and excluding assumption of risk.
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For most of the sample, the program expense as a percentage of total expenses increases with total expenses, which suggests that, on average, there are scale economies in administrative costs which permits the increase in program expense over administrative expense as institutions grow larger.
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Kerr said some of the money will be used to pay increased administrative costs for DCFS workers -- a 7.
Reduce the administrative cost of the health plan by slashing the cost of insurance brokers and claims processing.
It may be wrong, however, to concentrate on merely improving administrative costs.
By using a two-year contract, the administrative costs and lead time were significantly decreased in comparison to annual reprocurements.
As a result of the implementation of McDATA's SANavigator, MSI has converted administrative cost labor hours to billable hours, enabled the company to keep pace with future customer acquisitions and has increased the addressable market of its customers through the implementation of a non-invasive management application.
Streamlining will help to reduce the administrative costs borne by both regulators and the regulated, while increasing the number of insurance products that can be sold to consumers.
Loss of infrastructure due to project funding models and restrictions on administrative costs,
In June each year, the Commission presents the EEA EFTA States with a proposal for administrative costs in the following budget year.
The ABO also absorbed all administrative costs of the program to ensure that every dollar went to help the recipients.
Numerous representatives from the payroll reporting community immediately pointed out in comments to the Commissioner that the new reporting requirement: (a) has no statutory or regulatory support; (b) will impose substantial administrative costs on employers and payroll service providers; and (c) was issued without sufficient time for the payroll reporting community to comment on the requirement.

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