administrative costs

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administrative costs, the overhead expenses incurred in the operation of a dental benefits program, excluding costs of dental services provided.
administrative services only (ASO),
n an arrangement in which a third party, for a fee, processes claims and handles paperwork for a self-funded group. This frequently includes almost all insurance company services, including actuarial services, underwriting, and benefit description, and excluding assumption of risk.
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Administrative costs are decreased through streamlined order management and improved record keeping.
We recognize that the Committee desires a clear understanding of the administrative costs associated with implementing a converter box subsidy program in considering legislation to end the DTV transition on a date certain.
A comparison of per-capita governmental administrative costs reveals that Los Angeles is anything but efficient.
To reduce needless comptiance and administrative costs for taxpayers--and to achieve a concomitant reduction in the burden on the minister's agents to audit numerous foreign affiliate legal entities--we recommend that the references to "only business" and "principal business" in subparagraphs (a)(i) and (ii), respectively, be eliminated.
Our administrative costs are down, and satisfaction is up among providers and members, who see claims being processed more quickly.
For example, administrative costs for Foster Care include case planning, recruitment and licensing of foster care homes, and eligibility determination activities, as well as other activities.
I'm skeptical that this is an effort to maintain high administrative costs at the expense of transportation services.
TEI advised that an integrated federal-provincial program would clearly be preferable because it would reduce the complexity and administrative costs associated with separate tax systems.
The company also will have to reimburse the Environmental Health Division more than $45,400 for inspection and administrative costs.
insurance administrative costs as a share of total health spending are more than three times rates of the best performing countries and well above the next highest country rate.
In the report, University of California, Los Angeles Professor Richard Sander said he believes the city's administrative costs have peaked and that there will be more benefits to workers as the ordinance is extended to the Airports, Harbor, and Water and Power departments.
A group of South Carolina physicians has selected Companion Technologies' Companion PM software to help them reduce administrative costs and manage their practices more efficiently.

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