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Managed care To direct and manage personnel—e.g., to administer a programme.
Medspeak Give, provide
Therapeutics To apply a substance—by injection, inhalation, ingestion or by other means—to the body of a patient or research subject by either a health practitioner or his authorised agent and under his direction, or by the patient or research subject himself.
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Pharmacology verb To apply a substance–by injection, inhalation, ingestion or by other means, to the body of a Pt or research subject by either a health practitioner or his authorized agent and under his direction, or by the Pt or research subject himself. Cf Dispense Medtalk → Vox populi Give.
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[section] 1.385-2 while Treasury and the IRS work with stakeholders across industry lines to craft more administrable rules (and exceptions) with which taxpayers can comply at a reasonable cost, commensurate with the intended policy benefit.
He explains that "constitutional principles need to be administrable by educators and judges.
We commend the Treasury and IRS for its willingness to consider recommendations for clarifying the proposed regulations to make them more administrable. TEI is continuing its review of the revised rules and will submit substantive written comments next month.
The ANPRM is an attempt to provide clear and administrable rules that will significantly reduce uncertainty and controversy in this area, freeing up both IRS and taxpayer resources.
The process should be simplified with an objective, administrable test.
TEI contends that a broader tax base coupled with a simpler, more administrable code will generate a system of taxation in which sound tax policy takes precedence over a patchwork of tax incentives and inducements.
The RRA contains a simple, fair and administrable solution that was widely supported and has been highly praised.
The Treasury official asked the Institute to assist in making the proposed regulations more administrable. What four or five or six changes can we make, he asked, to make the rules more workable?

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