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Managed care To direct and manage personnel—e.g., to administer a programme.
Medspeak Give, provide
Therapeutics To apply a substance—by injection, inhalation, ingestion or by other means—to the body of a patient or research subject by either a health practitioner or his authorised agent and under his direction, or by the patient or research subject himself.
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Pharmacology verb To apply a substance–by injection, inhalation, ingestion or by other means, to the body of a Pt or research subject by either a health practitioner or his authorized agent and under his direction, or by the Pt or research subject himself. Cf Dispense Medtalk → Vox populi Give.
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Shankar and S Selva Ganapathy were administered the oath of office even as a PIL seeking a stay on the appointment of the three MLAs is reportedly pending before the Madras High Court.
"The oath is and can be administered by Administrator.
Usually, exit exams are administered to college seniors who don't need to do well on the tests in order to graduate.
We can administer federal medical leave act, state disability, paid family leave, pregnancy disability leave--all under one roof, and provide administrative services for all of those inter-related laws and regulations."
* Program administered by the Employee Development Department of California.
Co-publishing deals, however, are not the only means to get your songs published, collect royalties or administer your catalog.
The third alternative is to set up and administer your own publishing company.
Medications are administered either by a syringe or cassette containing the drug which is attached to the pump.
So police in the Wagga Wagga patrol could establish and administer a program of "effective cautioning using family group conferencing" (Moore & O'Connell, 1994) under existing legal and administrative guidelines.
Business owners will find that most companies that administer 401(k) plans will offer some type of package that seeks to incorporate all of these areas into an effective strategy.

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