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Instead of immediately going out and signing with an existing music publishing company, Nokio, decided to take on the challenge of publishing and administer his own song catalog.
According to the Department of Labor, which administers FMLA, about 78% of employees who could take FMLA traditionally haven't because they couldn't afford to go without pay.
Contra indications to this form of therapy include an inability or unwillingness to understand the concept and/or a physical incapacity to press the button that administers the dose.
The organization that administers the LSAT said it's the first time one of its exams has been stolen, while prosecutors in the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office say it's new legal territory for them as well.
My opinion is that it would be a giant mistake and I see no logic or reason to change the way we administer the polio vaccine," said Shirley Fannin, who serves as the county's director of disease control.
CMS administers the Medicare program and works in partnership with the states to administer Medicaid, the State Children's Health Insurance Program and health insurance portability standards.
CHICAGO & SAN FRANCISCO -- The RFID Consortium and Via Licensing Corporation today announced that Via Licensing will administer the ultra-high frequency radio frequency identification (UHF RFID) patent licensing program.
With more than 47 offices in 41 countries, Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) owns or administers more than 1 million copyrights.