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5 cm, base oblicua aguda en el lado mas corto y redondeada en el lado mas largo, apice acuminado, margen entero, en la cara adaxial uniformemente verde, glabra; en la cara abaxial verde olivaceo con manchas rojas localizadas en posicion admedial entre los arcos subtendidos por la segunda y tercera venas secundarias apicales, indumento esparcidamente sericeo, mas denso sobre las venas (tricomas 7 celulas), 12 (8-14) venas en el lado mas largo de la lamina; la boja mas pequena sesil, lamina asimetrica, lanceolada 2.
Las venas terciarias son orientadas, con el angulo de origen recto o casi recto en los lados exmedial y admedial (Fig.
The admedial is a vein that originates just beneath the tooth and
within a tooth framed by the principal, admedial, and conjunctal veins.
vein is an admedial vein, as well as conjunctals and sometimes
prorepens the admedial and principal veins are of the same order.
Goniocrinus with a medium cone-shaped aboral cup; stellate ridges on aboral cup plates; low infrabasals; deep, peneplenary radial facets; two, high primibrachials; high secundibrachials; much expansion along the distal margin of brachials; ramulate arms with admedial ramule every second brachial; and a recurred anal sac with multiple vertical ridges formed by plate sculpturing; column pentagonal; cirri in middle part of column.
From this stock the subgenus Gunnera evolved unicellular trichomes, reniform leaves with bases becoming lobate, a "trichotomous" midvein, moderate-sized primaries, reticulate orthogonal tertiaries, teeth with admedial veins of a lower order than the principal vein, and secondaries originating at increasingly obtuse angles apically.
Suite of veins associated with the principal vein of the tooth: (0) no admedial, conjunctals and accessories only; (1) admedial and conjunctals only; (2) admedial, conjunctals, and one order of reticulate accessories; (3) admedial, conjunctals, and reticulate accessories in more than one order; (4) admedial, conjunctals, and freely ending accessories; (5) admedial and freely ending accessories, true conjunctals lacking; (6) Disanthus N/A; (7) Cnestis N/A.
running alongside it and splaying or ending concurrently in tooth epithem); (4) convergent but remaining separate; (5) only one conjunctal, joining; (6) "vitioid" tooth venation, in which alternate conjunctals split just before meeting the principal vein, with the admedial portion of the conjunctal joining the principal while the exmedial portion connives; (7) Cnestis N/A; (8) Disanthus N/A; (9) Griselinia N/A.
Source of sinus venation: (0) conjunctal; (1) branch from conjunctal; (2) combinations of conjunctal and its branch; (3); combination of conjunctal and admedial; (4) convergent, thickened, merging admedials; (5) combination of admedial and branch from admedial; (6) combination of branches from admedial and conjunctal; (7) branch from admedial; (8) Disanthus N/A; (9) Gunnera pilosa N/A; (A) Gunnera talamancana N/A.