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Relating to or described by Alfred Adler.
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Of or being a psychological school based on the belief that behavior arises in subconscious efforts to compensate for inferiority and that psychological illness results from overcompensation for the perceived inferiority.
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Using life-style and coping resources to differentiate between gay hmen with and without alcohol problems: An Adlerian Study.
The Psychoanalytic, Adlerian, Existential, Person-centered, Gestalt, and Reality therapies were more or less influential in the latter half of the 20th century; none of them have the prominence today that they once did, at least not in their original form.
Sapp (2004a, 2006) stated that Individual Psychology or Adlerian counseling is a forerunner to cognitive-behavioral theories of counseling.
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There is the larger theoretical community known as "constructivism." Within that community are more specific theoretical communities (Adlerian psychology, collaborative/conversational therapy, narrative therapy, personal construct psychology, postrational cognitive therapies, solution-focused therapy, etc.), and within these communities there may be unique meanings and interpretations.
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Discuss common ground between Adlerian theory and various constructivist approaches to counseling and mention the lack of recognition of Adler in the constructivist literature, in general (cite sources).
Although cognitive behavioral treatment programs have demonstrated effectiveness in changing an offender's behavior, our study included Adlerian sand tray therapy as a proposed adjunct to the treatment of adult male offenders.
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The paper generates insights about the language of psychopathology, the Adlerian counseling and psychotherapeutic process, the effectiveness of psychotherapy as a healing practice, the complexities of the practice of counseling and psychotherapy, and the efficacy and effectiveness of various elements of psychotherapy.
Every major personality approach to counseling and psychotherapy has incorporated Adlerian principles and techniques into its system.