adjuvant vaccine

ad·ju·vant vac·cine

a vaccine that contains an adjuvant; the antigen (immunogen) is included in a water-in-oil emulsion (Freund incomplete type adjuvant), or is adsorbed onto an inorganic gel (alum, aluminum hydroxide or phosphate) or mixed with another material to prevent rapid elimination by the host.
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An adjuvant vaccine contains an extra ingredient that signals the body to produce more flu-specific antibodies to help prevent infection and illness.
An adjuvant vaccine contains an extra ingredient that signals the body to produce more flu-specific A-antibodies to help prevent infection and illness.
Nanoparticles are increasingly used as adjuvant vaccine formulations due to their biocompatibility, ease of manufacture, and the opportunity to tailor their size, shape, and physicochemical properties [1].
Our reported subunit MF59 adjuvant vaccine did not reveal any treatment-associated safety issues.
Protection against haemorrhagic septicemia induced by vaccination of buffalo calves with an improved oil adjuvant vaccine. FEMS Microbiol.
It is concluded that each of the adjuvant vaccines (oil or gel) and non- adjuvant vaccine containing biological titer of 104.00 TCID50 induced more than 50% percent inhibition (PI) that is considered as protective antibody titer.
15 September 2011 - Danish vaccine-focused biotechnology company Bavarian Nordic (CPH:BAVA) said today that a newly published pre-clinical study investigating its MVA-BN technology in HER-2 positive tumors, demonstrated the potential advantages of the company's poxviral cancer immunotherapy technology platform when compared to conventional protein and adjuvant vaccine strategies.
To reduce the biodegradation of the immunogens, the inactivated virus suspension is admixed with stabilizer such as thiomrsal sodium, sodium benzoate, potassium meta-bi -sulphite, etc (OIE, 2000) and adjuvant vaccine prepared from virus suspension is stored at 4- 8degC.
Similarly, at ASCO 2008, investigators in the phase III EORTC (European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer) 18961 trial reported that an adjuvant vaccine that was targeted against a ganglioside that was overexpressed on most melanoma cells did not improve distant metastasis-free survival, and that an early interim analysis suggested a detriment to overall survival.
A single dose of a 7.5-meg adjuvant vaccine met immunogenicity criteria for protection against the 2009 H1N1 influenza in children aged 3-8 years, based on preliminary data from 390 children in one study.
Further evidence for the capacity of previous N2 experience to moderate the challenge of the Hong Kong virus was provided by Eickhoff and Meiklejohn (20), who showed that vaccination of Air Force cadets with an H2N2 adjuvant vaccine reduced subsequent influenza from verified H3N2 virus infection by 54%.