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v. ad·justed, ad·justing, ad·justs
1. In chiropractic medicine, to manipulate (the spine and other body structures) to treat disorders and restore normal function of the nervous system.
2. To decide how much is to be paid on (an insurance claim).

ad·just′a·ble adj.
ad·just′a·bly adv.
ad·just′er, ad·jus′tor n.
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(ă-jŭst′) [Fr. ajuster, to gauge]
1. To adapt to a different environment; to cope with new conditions or stressors.
2. To change or modify something, esp. to improve its function or condition.
3. To manipulate a part of the body, e.g., with physical force.
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To reshape a dental prosthesis, restoration, or oral appliance to improve effectiveness, function, or appearance.
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The Mexican crisis in 1994, the Asian crisis in 1997, the Russian crisis in 1998, and the Brazilian crisis in 1999 all resulted in large part from governments' trying to maintain adjustably pegged exchange rates that were insufficiently flexible.
Patented is a male incontinence device made of a waistband and at least two straps with free ends, which are means for adjustably attaching the free ends of the two straps to the waistband at longitudinally spaced positions from it.
The choice of the foreign exchange regime (most post- Soviet-type economies have adjustably pegged exchange rates), the extent of currency convertibility, whether economic agents should be allowed to maintain accounts in both domestic and foreign currencies, as well as trade policy-related measures (customs duties and their structure, tariff exemptions, export restrictions and import quotas, tax refunds), all required the establishment of new sets of rules.

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