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v. ad·justed, ad·justing, ad·justs
1. In chiropractic medicine, to manipulate (the spine and other body structures) to treat disorders and restore normal function of the nervous system.
2. To decide how much is to be paid on (an insurance claim).

ad·just′a·ble adj.
ad·just′a·bly adv.
ad·just′er, ad·jus′tor n.


(ă-jŭst′) [Fr. ajuster, to gauge]
1. To adapt to a different environment; to cope with new conditions or stressors.
2. To change or modify something, esp. to improve its function or condition.
3. To manipulate a part of the body, e.g., with physical force.


To reshape a dental prosthesis, restoration, or oral appliance to improve effectiveness, function, or appearance.

adjust (əjust´),

v to make correspondent, comfortable, or to fit.
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It gives you an unbelievable range of adjustability and has a very low level of shock, vibration and noise--even when set at longer draw lengths and higher weights.
Backrest angle adjustability allows the chair to support different degrees of recline, which in turn transfers some upper-body weight to the chair backrest and lightens the load on the lower back's inter-vertebral discs.
The pillow's down-alternative puffball fiber provides support and adjustability, and when used as a filler in combination with the microfiber quilting, it's a luxurious, soft-in-feel and supportive pillow, said Beth Mack, Hollander's senior vice president, basic bedding division.
Other benefits include detector adjustability and compensation, as well as adjustable analog heat detector range circuit isolation and priority interrupts.
Featuring 10 mounting holes for the posts, five on each side that provide [+ or -] 5" adjustability on the Y-axis to allow easy setup for irregular parts, the Harvard Vise Topper is infinitely adjustable on the X-axis.
Vertical adjustability at hip and thigh, and pivotal back tilt, accommodate males and females, as well as full-hip to straight-body types.
Evaluated on price, cooking area, accommodating a small turkey, number of tables, adjustability of racks or grates and extra features, the editors liked the $99 New Braunfels Santa Fe (model No.
The PLMU11 universal 3-phase line voltage monitor has a wide voltage range and full adjustability to replace many other 3-phase line monitors.
Such adjustability does not occur often in nature, Greenfield says.
The double-wing's amazing adjustability was especially important in a smaller school.
With Jufo, a static and permanent building, the adjustability is really used just once to set it straight and level, but the fact that the legs work is legible, giving the building a delicacy and poise more exciting and futuristic than the saucer shape on its own.
With all due respect to Stephen Entin and the ivory tower economists who say this will be offset by exchange rates and that border adjustability is not important, my common sense tells me they're wrong.