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A legal process by which an arbiter or judge reviews the evidence and arguments by the parties to an action to reach a decision which will determine the litigants’ rights and obligations to each other. Adjudication can be used to resolve disputes between private parties and/or public officials and bodies.
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Process in which an appeals board makes a final decision regarding a dispute between two parties.
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(ă-jood′ĭ-kāt″) [L. adjudicare, to award a judgment, judge]
To issue or make a judgment in a court of law, e.g., regarding malpractice.
adjudication (-jood″ĭ-kā′shŏn) adjudicator (-jood′ĭ-kāt″ŏr)
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Mwatsahu said the adjudication committee formed in 2014 had allocated land to outsiders.
Under both the Construction Act 1996 and the Scheme for Construction Contracts 1998, a party can commence an adjudication "at any time".
The 1986 Ole Ntutu Boundary Commission had recommended some five ranches be reclaimed from these adjudication sections as they were used to encroach into the forest.Five other adjudication sections, Illmotiok, Ololulunga, Nkareta, Nkoben and Naisuya, were later declared to the south of the forest which led to increased pressure in the previous sections.
In these seven cases involving revenue loss of Rs4.745bn, collectors' protracted inaction and their reluctance and failure to submit the cases to FBR's adjudication courts for legal proceedings had brought the cases to FBR's notice for intervention.
Shockingly, the FBR directed the collectors to find a way which sidesteps the legal course of adjudication for these kinds of cases under customs law and not forward them to adjudication courts instead.
The contract in question distinguished between the "sum due" and "the sum stated as due" and to prevent the payer from commencing adjudication to determine the "sum due" would be to ignore this careful drafting.
Cases up for adjudication are mostly on repair of a product that the service center does not want to cover.
The agency said that since its establishment, there have been eight administrative adjudication proceedings that were not resolved by issuing a consent order.
Aquino said the PDEA is coordinating with the Department of the Interior and Local Government, Philippine National Police and National Intelligence Coordinating Agency, among others, for the adjudication process.
Recently, the Central Cairo Prosecution assigned the Ministry of Interior to arrest El-Adly in order to implement the adjudication ordered by the Cairo Criminal Court.
Sur les 29 sites miniers mis en adjudication, 14 ont ete attribues pour exploration pour un montant global de 328.880.100 dinars.
The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has empowered FBR Member Legal to regulate the system of customs adjudication including transfer of cases and extension of time-limit to improve working of Collectorates of Adjudication (Customs).