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A legal process by which an arbiter or judge reviews the evidence and arguments by the parties to an action to reach a decision which will determine the litigants’ rights and obligations to each other. Adjudication can be used to resolve disputes between private parties and/or public officials and bodies.


Process in which an appeals board makes a final decision regarding a dispute between two parties.


(ă-jood′ĭ-kāt″) [L. adjudicare, to award a judgment, judge]
To issue or make a judgment in a court of law, e.g., regarding malpractice.
adjudication (-jood″ĭ-kā′shŏn) adjudicator (-jood′ĭ-kāt″ŏr)
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we propose to further reduce the timelines for mediation and adjudication.
Among other issues, CFPB officials said they want to know if the administrative adjudication process works well or if disputes should be settled in federal court.
Article 39 was designed to bar binding adjudication outside the courts--in other words, it took aim at the prerogative or administrative adjudication by which rulers evaded the regular processes of the courts.
Frances Crook, the Chief Executive of the Howard League for Penal Reform, said: "The system of adjudications has become a monster, imposing fearsome punishments when people misbehave often as a result of the dreadful conditions they are subjected to.
Punishments for prisoners given at adjudications can range from loss of canteen access to solitary confinement or extra days of imprisonment, and the report also revealed violence and self-injury in prisons are at their highest levels in a decade.
agencies, adjudication determines whether proposed behavior will be
As per previous practices, SECP functions of inspection, investigation and adjudication were performed by the same employees in the Department.
8220;By using eAdjudication solution the Adjudication Process can be managed 100% by the web based system, without any paperwork.
There are two main sets of adjudication provisions - one drawn up in FIDIC's 1999 Red Book; the other was created under NEC 2005 rules.
Adjudication has been with us officially for a number of years.
Thakur on Monday decided to remand back the matter for final adjudication by the HC after setting aside its interim order.
For the first time in decades, first-time drunken-driving offenders could get deferred adjudication under a bill the Senate Criminal Justice Committee considered Tuesday.