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A legal process by which an arbiter or judge reviews the evidence and arguments by the parties to an action to reach a decision which will determine the litigants’ rights and obligations to each other. Adjudication can be used to resolve disputes between private parties and/or public officials and bodies.


Process in which an appeals board makes a final decision regarding a dispute between two parties.


(ă-jood′ĭ-kāt″) [L. adjudicare, to award a judgment, judge]
To issue or make a judgment in a court of law, e.g., regarding malpractice.
adjudication (-jood″ĭ-kā′shŏn) adjudicator (-jood′ĭ-kāt″ŏr)
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We have no doubt whatsoever the main contractor has a case to answer and we will pursue our claim with confidence instilled by today's and previous adjudications.
An administrative adjudication process that cannot continually be more efficient, less expensive, and less formal than the court system is not an improvement.
Second, if the case is settled, the insurer is not allowed to re-litigate the underlying case in an attempt to create final adjudication of dishonesty under the guise of a coverage case.
34] These conceptual changes in the magistracy constituted part of the Revolution's attempt to move dispute resolution in the first instance from courts of law to the fields--a move to be understood both literally (since Jps often decided cases at the source of contention) and metaphorically, since adjudication in the fields symbolized for revolutionaries a judicial system dominated by rural inhabitants who loved justice, order, and morality and one far removed from the pestilential and obstructionist atmosphere of Old Regime law courts.
While the original report appeared on Page 9 of the newspaper, the Commission considered that carrying the adjudication on Page 24 was sufficient under the clear and prominent headline it received.
The more powerful the automated information system and the more capable it is of dealing with many unusual circumstances electronically, the faster the processing of financial transactions with providers and the lower the cost of claims adjudication.
ProSMART will give Restat instant access to comprehensive claims adjudication reports - the required information for fast and accurate resolution of pharmacy claims transaction queries.
When endpoints are captured in clinical studies, oftentimes an independent, unbiased group of experts (called an Event Adjudication or Clinical Events Committee) is engaged to review the outcomes data and give their expert opinions.
On one hand, beneficiaries of warranties may take encouragement from being able to utilise the cheaper and quicker method of resolving their dispute via adjudication.
iCommittees(TM) Presents: Effective Management of Clinical Endpoint Adjudication Committees, a complimentary seminar offered to Boston-area drug, device and biotechnology product developers
This piece of legislation revolutionised the construction industry with its stated purpose of improving cash flow and speeding up dispute resolution through the introduction of a fast track dispute resolution process called adjudication.
Summary: ALGIERSaC" The National Mining Patrimony Agency (ANPM) launched Wednesday the 27th adjudication of 62 mining claims for exploration and exploitation of industrial mineral substances across 29 provinces.