adiposis tuberosa simplex

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abnormal deposits or degeneration of fatty tissue.
adiposis cerebra´lis fatness from cerebral pituitary disease.
adiposis doloro´sa a painful condition due to pressure on nerves caused by fatty deposits.
adiposis hepa´tica fatty degeneration of liver.
adiposis tubero´sa simplex adiposis dolorosa in which the fatty degeneration occurs in nodular masses.
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ad·i·po·sis tu·be·ro·sa sim·plex

a condition resembling adiposis dolorosa, in which the fat occurs in small, nodular masses, which are sensitive to touch and may be spontaneously painful, on the abdomen or extremities.
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James Meschter, U.S. physician, 1854-1936.
Anders disease - a condition characterized by a deposit of symmetrical nodular or pendulous masses of fat in various regions of the body, with discomfort or pain. Synonym(s): adiposis dolorosa; adiposis tuberosa simplex
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