adiposis cerebralis

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abnormal deposits or degeneration of fatty tissue.
adiposis cerebra´lis fatness from cerebral pituitary disease.
adiposis doloro´sa a painful condition due to pressure on nerves caused by fatty deposits.
adiposis hepa´tica fatty degeneration of liver.
adiposis tubero´sa simplex adiposis dolorosa in which the fatty degeneration occurs in nodular masses.

ad·i·po·sis ce·re·bra·'lis

obesity resulting from intracranial disease, most commonly of the hypothalamus, resulting in hyperphagia.

adiposis cerebralis

An anachronistic term which fills a lexical void for obesity secondary to a cerebral lesion.

ad·i·po·sis ce·re·bra·lis

(adi-pōsis serĕ-brālis)
Obesity due to intracranial disease, usually the hypothalamus, resulting in hyperphagia.