adipose infiltration

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1. the pathological accumulation in tissue or cells of substances not normal to them or in amounts in excess of the normal.
2. infiltrate (def. 2).
3. the deposition of a solution directly into tissue; see infiltration anesthesia.
adipose infiltration fatty infiltration.
calcareous infiltration deposit of lime and magnesium salts in the tissues.
cellular infiltration the migration and accumulation of cells within the tissues.
fatty infiltration
1. a deposit of fat in tissues, especially between cells.
2. the presence of fat vacuoles in the cell cytoplasm.
intravenous infiltration
1. the movement of a needle or cannula from within a vessel into the surrounding tissue. The typical symptoms are a slowed flow of fluids, swelling, pallor, coolness of the skin, and discomfort in the area; severity of the symptoms will depend on the amount and type of fluid infused.
2. inadvertent administration of parenteral fluid into the tissues.
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ad·i·pose in·fil·tra·tion

growth of normal adult fat cells in sites where they are not usually present.
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ad·i·pose in·fil·tra·tion

(ad'i-pōs in'fil-trā'shŭn)
Growth of normal adult fat cells in sites where they are not usually present.
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