An instrument for determining the thickness of the skin.
[adipo- + G. metron, measure]
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The measurements were performed with a Sanny[R] brand scientific adipometer. For male athletes, measurements of the subscapular, triceps, pectoral, medial axillary, supra iliac, abdominal, and medial thigh measurements were collected.
The skinfold thickness was measured using a Lange (Lange[C], Washington, USA) adipometer to estimate body density using the predictive equation proposed by Slaughter et al.
The following measurements were taken on each animal: skin thickness (ST) using an adipometer; coat samples (1 cm2) were collected, number of hairs counted and the length of ten longest hairs measured.
Tools used were Lider electronic scale, P-150M model, with capacity of 150 kg, with 100g scale; Alturexata portable stent with bilateral scale of 35 to 213 cm and 0.1cm resolution; Sanny Medical measuring tape in flat steel with 0.5cm width and 0.1cm precision and; Lange[R] adipometer developed by Cambridge Scientific Industries, USA.
For anthropometric data collection, such as Body Mass Index (BMI), Waist Hip Ratio (WHR) and Body Fat Percentage, anthropometric scale, Toledo[R] brand, anthropometric tape, and Cescorf[R] brand adipometer, were used.
The measurement of tricipital skinfolds (TSF-mm), bicipital skinfolds (BSF-mm), subscapular skinfolds (SSSF-mm) and suprailiac skinfolds (PCSI-mm) was performed using a Cescorf brand adipometer skinfold caliper which has a pressure of 10 g/[mm.sup.2], sensitivity of 0.1 mm and reading scope of 85 mm.
Arm circumference (AC) was measured using inelastic and inextensible tape measure, and triceps skinfold thickness (TST) was measured with an adipometer that exerts continuous pressure of 10g/[mm.sup.2], followed by calculation of Arm Muscle Circumference (AMC) (ANDRADE et al., 2005; HOLLANDER et al., 2013).
Sub-scapular and arm skin folds were measured with Langer adipometer, properly calibrated.
Tricipital skin folds (TSF) and subscapular skin folds (SESF) were measured three times on the right side of the body using an adipometer (Lange, Beta Technology Incorporated, Cambridge, USA) and the mean of all three measurements was used for analysis (TSF measured on the right upper arm, midway between the acromion and the olecranon, and the SESF is measured two fingers below the low point of the right scapula).
Adiposity was determined by summing the 7 skinfolds (triceps, biceps, subscapula, suprailiac, abdomen, thigh and calf) using an adipometer (Lange, 1 mm).