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Editor's Note: The researchers additionally determined that in flies genetically engineered to overexpress the hormone AKH (Adipokinetic Hormone), metabolism and activity levels were enhanced and life span was extended, even without dietary restriction.
That happens because an enzyme called AMP-activated kinase stimulates the secretion of the adipokinetic hormone, which is the functional equivalent of glucagon.
Adipokinetic hormone is the insect equivalent to the hormone glucagon in the human pancreas.
Developmentof imaginal competence to adipokinetic hormone in Locusta: lipid and carbohydrase levels, and glycogen phosphorylase activityin azadirachtin-induced over-aged nymphs.
Development of imaginal competenceto adipokinetic hormone in Locusta: lipophorin conversions in prococene-induced adultiforms and azadirachtin-induced over-aged nymphs.
This peptide is a member of the ever-expanding adipokinetic hormone (AKH) group.