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producing, forming, or caused by fat.
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Relating to lipogenesis.
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Relating to lipogenesis.
Synonym(s): adipogenic, adipogenous, lipogenous.
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The in vitro differentiation of MSCs into adipogenic differentiation was seen as early as 7 days of induction in adipogenic differentiation medium, the cells start showing the presence of lipid vacuoles under the microscope.
Oil red O staining could be used to identify adipogenic differentiation of the AMSCs.
After three days of expansion until confluency, adipogenic differentiation was initiated through the addition of defined adipogenic differentiation medium as described before.
In addition, the role of adiponectin in the adipogenic differentiation of muscle satellite cells is unknown.
MenSCs and BMSCs were differentiated into adipogenic, chondrogenic and osteogenic lineages using specific polarizing media as per method described previously (24,25).
When cells reached 80-90% confluency, media were replaced with differentiation media [Alpha Modification of Eagle's Medium (aMEM), 15% FBS supplemented with adipogenic induction cocktail (MDI: 500 micromolar isobutylmethylxanthine, 1 micromolar dexamethasone, 5 microgram/mL human recombinant insulin and ligands].
The adipogenic genes CEBPa and FABP4 were up-regulated in the sucralose-exposed MSCs, which also showed more intracellular fat droplet accumulation.
Characterizations of MSCs were also tested by osteogenic and adipogenic differentiation and MSCs-related marker staining, as described in our previous study.[8]
Renevia's hydrogel polymer network provides the requisite amino acid sequences for adipose stromal vascular cell attachment and may support proliferation, localization, and adipogenic differentiation.
Differentiation of fibroblastic cells obtained from adipose tissue could be directed towards adipogenic, chondrogenic and osteogenic lineages using appropriate differentiation media and supplements.
We chose to divide the sections into adipogenic and nonadipogenic cells inspired by the paper of Yang et al., who proposed and proved different seipin functions for these two models [61].