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Referring to a thermodynamic process in which no gain or loss of heat occurs between the system and its surroundings.
[G. adiabatos, impassable, fr. a priv. + diabainō, to go through]
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Referring to a thermodynamic process in which the net transfer of heat is zero.
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Referring to a thermodynamic process in which there is no gain or loss of heat between the system and its surroundings.
[G. adiabatos, impassable, fr. a priv. + diabainō, to go through]
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Caption: Figure 4: Variation of adiabatic compressibility with concentration at 35[degrees] C temperature.
[16] stated the major reduction in the thermal resistances of the heat pipes using nanofluids is on the thermal resistance from the evaporator section to the adiabatic section at higher heat loads.
The measured values of ultrasonic velocity, density, and related thermo-acoustical parameters like adiabatic compressibility ([beta][alpha]d), intermolecular free length (Lf), relaxation time (X), free volume (Vf), internal pressure (Ili), acoustical impedance (Z), Wada's constant (W), ultrasonic attenuation ([alpha]/f2), Rao's constant (R), molar volume (Vm), and cohesive energy (CE) of methylcobalamine with water at 303 K, 308 K, 313 K in different concentrations are shown in Figures 1 to 14.
Adiabatic Pressure Dewar Calorimetry (ADC II): This equipment is used to determine the stability of materials under adiabatic conditions.
Using the same example, this equates to an annual water usage of 27,955[m.sup.3] which is 40,000 percent of the equivalent adiabatic cooler.
Another important mechanism for energy saving in adiabatic circuits is to recover the adiabatic losses.
If a plant aims to lower energy use, it might choose an adiabatic central fluid cooler with a machine-side chiller dedicated to each process.
This system sets a new paradigm for CAES that improves the applicability for on-site distributed energy, doesn't use fossil fuel to preheat the air on expansion, increases efficiency and lowers cost of previous adiabatic air storage systems.
Based on above facts, the adiabatic temperature rise tests of fly ash concrete with different water-cement ratios were firstly performed, the real-time temperatures at the testing points in the specimen were recorded during the whole curing ages, and then the temporal and spatial distribution of the concrete temperature field was analyzed carefully.
They investigated concepts like adiabatic CAES, isothermal CAES, micro-CAES combined with air-cycle heating and cooling, and constant-pressure CAES combined with pumped hydrostorage.
The new series combines free cooling, adiabatic cooling and mechanical chilling in one sealed outdoor container.
Among the topics are on class of Schr|dinger operators exhibiting spectral transition, an example of a periodic Neumann waveguide with a gap in its spectrum, an adiabatic theorem for a class of stochastic differential equations on a Hilbert space, a mathematical model of electron-phonon interaction for small wave numbers close to zero, and the boundedess and compactness of weighted Green operators of second-order elliptic operators.