cohesive foil

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co·he·sive foil

(kō-hēsiv foyl)
An extremely thin pliable sheet of metal, the surface of which has been chemically treated so as to adhere to another like material.
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Total quantity or scope: Adhesive foil reflective traffic signs (film) with prismatic technology.
This adapter fits into a housing which is either screwed to the wall or attached using adhesive foils (available as an accessory).
260 st room signage with labeled ticking 160 x 160 mm, - 45 st room signage with pictogram 160 x 160 mm, - 40 pcs of space signage permanent lettering (without ticking) 160 x 160 mm, - 16 hours escape route signs acrylic a 3, - 50 pcs emergency exit signs made of plastic, - 25 st area labels with inscribed a 3, - 6 pcs of area signs with labeled ticking a 0 - various stickers with high-performance adhesive foils.