adhesion test

ad·he·sion test

the diagnostic application of the immune adhesion phenomenon.
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There is no correlation between the adhesion results obtained using Method B peels and the buffer specimens, i.e., geometry affects the adhesion test results.
Adhesion for powder coatings is generally assessed using the cross hatch adhesion test as defined in ISO 2409 and ASTM D3359 Method B.
The Adhesion Test Analyzer from Gardco takes the guesswork and subjectivity out of rating the classification of adhesion results as defined in the ASTM D3359 standard and is accomplished with one simple instrument.
During the adhesion test, the overmolded TPE is peeled from the substrate at 90[degrees] or 180[degrees].
The adhesion test flexure 3 points, as described in EN 1015-12, permits to determine the bond strength between mortar and substrate.
* After application--visually inspect from inside the structure, test material physical properties, measure thickness (polyurethane's, polyurias), adhesion test, spark test and core test.
Its physical & chemical characteristics are evaluated by Adhesion test, Flexibility, Bendability test and Corrosion resistance capacity.
The macroscopic shear adhesion strength of the SDAs was measured using a frictional adhesion test, as shown in Figure 2 since the fabricated SDAs only had simple micropatterns [29,46].
Platelet Adhesion Test. Platelet adhesion test was done on four types of scaffolds: EC seeded (PCL/PU/EC and PCL/PU-CLA/EC) and non-EC seeded (PCL/PU and PCL/PU-CLA) before addition of platelets.
8, was determined by use of an adhesion test according to the German standard "VDI Richtlinie 2019."
* Passes 5B adhesion test (ASTM D3359 measuring adhesion by tape)