adhesion test

ad·he·sion test

the diagnostic application of the immune adhesion phenomenon.
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1) braking and adhesion facility - full-scale hil climatic train braking and adhesion test facility.
By eliminating sources of pull-off variation, such as unintended bond failures between the adhesive and poorly prepared dollies, adhesion test results become even more meaningful and predictable.
After application--visually inspect from inside the structure, test material physical properties, measure thickness (polyurethane's, polyurias), adhesion test, spark test and core test.
Its physical & chemical characteristics are evaluated by Adhesion test, Flexibility, Bendability test and Corrosion resistance capacity.
For the adhesion test specimens, a two-shot injection molding machine was used.
Passes 5B adhesion test (ASTM D3359 measuring adhesion by tape)
The adhesion test results categorize the adhesion bond and its quality of the material.
Ideally, the sponge cleaning method could be adopted in instances where barnacle recruitment and settlement is affected by seasonal patterns, and may therefore limit barnacle adhesion test data.
Adhesion test was based on the Rockwell C hardness test using a conical diamond indenter and a 1471 N (150 kgf) indentation load.
Quickly the company realised that the paint finish was failing its customer's paint adhesion test.
Adhesion test After the varnish was applied, the samples were conditioned at 23 [+ or -] 2[degrees]C and 50 [+ or -] 5% relative humidity for 48 hours.
The F18ab and F18ac adhesion phenotypes were tested in vitro for all 363 piglets using a microscopical adhesion test.