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Acute Decompensated Heart Failure National Registry. A national registry that prospectively collects observational data regarding the medical management of patients hospitalized with acute heart failure across the US; 250 participating hospitals have entered nearly 75,000 patients in ADHERE
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He said that during their Cabinet meetings, Duterte would always remind them to adhere to the rule of law amid the government's relentless drive against illegal drugs.
As long as the beads didn't adhere near an alga's flagella, each cell could haul a load of its own weight with little slowdown.
The Electrodeposition painting process involves vehicle bodies being immersed in a paint tank, with an electrical current passing through the steel parts causing the paint to adhere to the metal surfaces.
The FDA has requested in Guidance that all electronic data submitted for review adhere to this standard.
Grilon HM reportedly also adheres to g-p Santoprene.
Some materials, when perfectly clean, can bind to either oil or water but become committed to whichever one they adhere to first.
These standards ensure that all parties adhere to a common framework for measuring ad impressions, and that proper levels of operation and control are brought to bear within each accredited organization.
As an extrusion coating, EnBA has been tested on various substrates and shown to adhere as well as or better than LDPE, EMA and EVA.
Atlas, a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), adheres to the NAI privacy principles that have been applauded by the FTC, and is the first third-party ad server to complete the auditing process and achieve ad measurement accreditation by the Media Rating Council (MRC).
DSA, a founding member of the Federation, will assess each candidate FiXs service provider before it can join the network to ensure their security processes and safeguards adhere to the minimum mandatory government and industry standards as well as the FiXs requirements, Haas explained.
Moreover, Direct Revenue is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative, has pledged to adhere to TRUSTe's proposed adware guidelines, and already adheres to HR 2929, even though it has not been enacted.
Battelle was looking for a product that could adhere to concrete and to coat a radioactive residue spill along with providing life time isolation.