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Previously, we made test of Normality (Kolmogorov-Smirnov) to ensure the adequateness of the variables involved in the analysis and logarithmic transformations have been applied to correct variables when necessary.
Table 4 presents the distribution of replies according to company area to the question that sought to evaluate the perception of respondents regarding the adequateness of the process involving the negotiation of demands between the business areas and the IT area, according to pre-defined reasons, before the implementation of the new relationship model, thus prior to 2004.
A second issue concerns the presence and adequateness of present funding infrastructure to support internationalization.
APPENDIX B Coding Scheme Code Description Communication Communication Quality of communication is assessed by quality considering the following aspects: timeliness, accurateness, adequateness, completeness, and credibility (Mohr and Spekman 1994) Information The extent to which critical, often proprietary, sharing information is communicated to one's partner (Mohr and Spekman 1994, p.
Moreover, there continues to be interest with respect to the adequateness of infrastructure and personnel at the U.
As a function of the decision maker energy-efficiency profile and decision approach, EUI is the performance indicator that triggers decision makers to assess the adequateness of adopting new technology when building performance falls below their decision threshold (building owner EUI goal).
The lack of a theoretical framework to measure the adequateness of the recommendations made may hamper the ability of those implementing the recommendations to properly evaluate their real impact on the research enterprise.
Whether our behaviour can be approved of or not depends on the adequateness or inadequateness of affection in relation to its object.
This is because while people may be able to obtain information, they may not be necessarily able to create new ideas, which reminds me of an old saying [translates as]: Knowledge is acquirement, wisdom is adequateness.
The consultancy will revolve around three main areas: (1) Needs assessment on the ideal production capacity for the garment assembly industry to meet the goals of job creation and exports levels estimated under the HOPE II agreement; (2) mapping of existing and potential sites for industrial parks, assessing the adequateness of the existing ones or justifying the need for new one(s); and (3) elaboration of a feasibility study of the one industrial park with the most potential.
With respect to the adequateness of a random effect estimator as compared to a fixed effect estimator the authors follow the argumentation in Hsiao (2003): "When inferences will be made about a population of effects from which those in the data are considered to be a random sample, then the effects should be considered random.