adenylyl cyclase

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a·den·y·lyl cy·clase

former name for adenylate cyclase.
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Finally, a low value for lymphocyte and platelet adenylyl cyclase has also been proposed as a marker to identify those predisposed to alcohol abuse [15,16].
The relation of increased adenylyl cyclase activation, antidepressant treatment response, low extraversion properties, and mental stress-related cardiovascular disorders reveals the importance of those polymorphisms.
Karpen, "Cyclic NucleotideGated Channels Colocalize with Adenylyl Cyclase in Regions of Restricted Camp Diffusion," J.
Mice lacking adenylyl cyclase type 5 (AC5) show increased ethanol consumption and reduced ethanol sensitivity.
Glucagon binds to its receptors in the plasma membranes of adipocytes, activating (via a Gs protein) adenylyl cyclase, during fasting state glucagon increases blood glucose via hepatic glycogenolysis or gluconeogenesis and it stimulates adipose tissue to release fatty acids through lipolysis.
Type 5 adenylyl cyclase disruption increases longevity and protects against stress.
Historically adenosine receptors were pharmacologically divided into two subtypes: adenosine A1 receptors, which decreased the adenylyl cyclase activity, and A2 receptors, which increased the adenylyl cyclase activity [2, 3].
2] adrenergic receptors that activate a pertussis toxin-sensitive guanine nucleotide regulatory protein (G protein) resulting in inhibitory feedback and decreased activity of adenylyl cyclase.
Forskohlin (Coleus forskohlii): Adenylyl cyclase is a target enzyme of multiple G-protein-coupled receptors.
The abnormalities affect adenylyl cyclase signaling, a process by which cells communicate, and in some experiments, effects were evident only in male rats.
1A] is both an autoreceptor on the neuronal cell body and a postsynaptic membrane receptor that reduces adenylyl cyclase activity.
Among the endothelium-derived non-nitric oxide substances that cause smooth muscle relaxation is prostacyclin, which activates adenylyl cyclase, increasing smooth muscle cyclic AMP (21).