adenomatoid tumor

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ad·e·no·ma·toid tu·mor

a small benign tumor of the male epididymis and female genital tract, consisting of fibrous tissue or smooth muscle enclosing anastomosing glandlike spaces containing acid mucopolysaccharide lined by flattened cells that have ultra-structural characteristics of mesothelial cells.
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ad·e·no·ma·toid tu·mor

(ad'ĕ-nō'mă-toyd tū'mŏr)
A small benign neoplasm of the epididymis or female genital tract, consisting of fibrous tissue enclosing glandlike spaces lined by mesothelial cells.
Synonym(s): adenofibromyoma, Recklinghausen tumor.
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Friedrich Daniel von, German histologist and pathologist, 1833-1910.
central Recklinghausen disease type II - congenital disorder characterized by café-au-lait spots, intertriginous freckling, iris hamartomas, and multiple skin neurofibromas.
Recklinghausen disease of bone - increased osteoclastic resorption of calcified bone with replacement by fibrous tissue due to primary hyperparathyroidism or other causes of the rapid mobilization of mineral salts. Synonym(s): osteitis fibrosa cystica
Recklinghausen disease type I - Synonym(s): von Recklinghausen disease
Recklinghausen disease type II - Synonym(s): von Recklinghausen disease
Recklinghausen tonometer
Recklinghausen tumor - a small benign tumor of the male epididymis and female genital tract. Synonym(s): adenomatoid tumor
Recklinghausen-Applebaum disease - a condition of hemochromatosis.
von Recklinghausen disease - two distinct major hereditary disorders: type I (neurofibromatosis type II), and central type II (neurofibromatosis type I). Synonym(s): neurofibromatosis
von Recklinghausen neurofibromatosis
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Fibrous pseudotumor is the third most common paratesticular mass, after lipoma and adenomatoid tumor. It is not a true neoplasm but represents a benign reactive fibrous proliferation resulting from one or several paratesticular elements, more often from the tunica vaginalis (12, 14, 22, 23, 47, 48, 54, 55).
Based on the histopathology and the IHC reactions, the lesion appeared benign and was diagnosed as adenomatoid tumor with psammoma bodies.
Goodwin, "Nephrogenic metaplasia (adenomatoid tumors) of bladder," Urology, vol.
Whether it was dentigerous cyst transforming to adenomatoid tumor or a cystic variant of adenomatoid odontogenic tumor in the present case could not be stated with exactitude as initially to preserve associated tooth only part of cystic lining was removed for histopathological evaluation.
The final diagnosis of adenomatoid tumor was made (Figure 3).
In the paraffin-embedded (permanent) sections of the mass, the slit-like spaces were thought to be the glandular parts of an adenomatoid tumor or vascular structures and they stained negative for calretinin and CK7 and positive for CD34.
Markers Useful in the Diagnosis of Paratesticular Tumors (a,b) Antibodies SeCR ReteAC AdT MMeso PSCE PMCE EpAC CK AE1/AE3 + + + + ND ND + EMA - + + -/+ + + + Calret + -/+ + + ND ND +/- WT1 ND - + + ND - + CEA ND -/+ - - + + +/- CD15 - +/- - - + +c +/- ER ND - - - + ND + PAX8 ND + - - + - ND Abbreviations: AdT, adenomatoid tumor; EpAC, epididymal adenocar -cinoma; MMeso, malignant mesothelioma; PMCE, papillary mucinous cystadenoma of epididymis; PSCE, papillary serous cystadenoma of epididymis; ReteAC, adenocarcinoma of rete testis; SeCR, sertoliform cystadenoma of rete testis.
Adenomatoid tumor of the bladder reproducing renal structures (nefrogenic adenoma).
The adenomatoid odontogenic tumor, ameloblastic adenomatoid tumor or adenoameloblastoma.
The differential diagnosis includes malignant testicular tumor, adenomatoid tumor, epididymitis, hemangioma and hematoma.