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2), Adenolipoma, Amyloid Goitre, Intrathymic or Parathyroid Lipoma, Lipid Rich Clear Cell Adenoma, Lymphocytic Thyroiditis and Malignant tumours like Liposarcoma, Encapsulated Papillary Carcinoma of thyroid.
Various conditions which will show adipose tissue in thyroid include heterotopic nests of adipocytes, diffuse lipomatosis, adenolipoma, amyloid goitre, encapsulated papillary carcinoma, liposarcoma and lymphocytic thyroiditis.
Hamartoma of the breast is an uncommon benign tumorlike nodule, also known as fibroadenolipoma, lipofibroadenoma, or adenolipoma.
It is known by many synonyms; lipofibroadenoma, fibroadenolipoma or adenolipoma, which is based on the predominant components within the mass.
Several variants described include angio-lipoma, chondroid lipoma, myo-lipoma, spindle cell lipoma, pleomorphic lipoma, fibrolipoma, osteolipoma/chondrolipoma, mylelipoma, adenolipoma, perineural lipoma, myxoid lipoma.
6-8) The cytologic differential diagnosis of fatty lesions includes lipoma with regressive change, angiolipoma, fibroadenoma with fat, pleomorphic lipoma, adenolipoma, and reaction to silicone implants.
Terms that have been used include gynecomastia-like hyperplasia,[3] mammary hamartoma or adenolipoma,[4] as a pattern within juvenile hypertrophy when occurring in young girls,[5] and juvenile fibroadenoma.