adductor muscle

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adductor muscle

muscle that causes movement toward the median plane of the body, the axis of the third finger or second toe, or, in the case of the thumb, the plane of the palm.
Synonym(s): musculus adductor [TA], adductor


Any muscle that pulls toward the midline—medial plane—of the body

adductor muscle

A muscle that draws toward the midline.
See: abductor muscle
See also: muscle

ad·duc·tor mus·cle

(ă-dŭktŏr mŭsĕl) [TA]
Muscle that causes movement toward the median plane of the body, the axis of the third finger or second toe, or the plane of the palm.
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The glycogen content of the adductor muscle did not change considerably, suggesting that the adductor muscle might not be used as a glycogen storage site.
The digestive gland and adductor muscle were separated from the soft tissues of the mussels, weighed and dried in a stove (Memmert model UD-40) at 60[degrees]C for 48 h.
Temperature decreased from October 2006 through January 2007 and was accompanied by maximum energy within the gonad and minimum energy within the digestive gland, adductor muscle, and mantle tissue.
The scallop is then stimulated with a predator and the contractions of the adductor muscle produce changes in force when the upper valve contacts the sensor.
Most measurements of adductor muscle size were not significantly different, but intertidal mussels had significantly larger diameter adductor muscle attachments (P < 0.
The Figure 5, shows six MRI images from adult scallops that showed recognizable shell (S), kidney (K), adductor muscle (AM), crystalline style (CS), male and female gonad portion (MF), digestive gland (DG) and a groove (Gr) located in the central area of the adductor muscle.
A second sample of the gonad, together with samples of digestive gland and adductor muscle were also fixed in Davidson's solution and studied by histochemical methods.
We have observed this result previously in Argopecten purpuratus adults, which reduced their adductor muscle carbohydrate content by 80% after gonadal maturation (another energy-consuming process) and simultaneously showed a significant arginine phosphokinase activity reduction of 35% (Brokordt, unpubl.
Dragons' Joe Bearman may need an operation to correct a damaged adductor muscle which may rule him out of the Six Nations tournament
Coastal scallops are not affected by the closure when only the adductor muscle is eaten.
I thought there was something wrong with his ankle but they tell me it's his adductor muscle.
MORTON midfielder Allan Jenkins has had an operation on a torn adductor muscle and will miss the first two weeks of the season.