adductor muscle

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adductor muscle

muscle that causes movement toward the median plane of the body, the axis of the third finger or second toe, or, in the case of the thumb, the plane of the palm.
Synonym(s): musculus adductor [TA], adductor
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Any muscle that pulls toward the midline—medial plane—of the body
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adductor muscle

A muscle that draws toward the midline.
See: abductor muscle
See also: muscle
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ad·duc·tor mus·cle

(ă-dŭktŏr mŭsĕl) [TA]
Muscle that causes movement toward the median plane of the body, the axis of the third finger or second toe, or the plane of the palm.
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Accordingly, in TURBT along with spinal anesthesia, the inguinal approach for ONB is recommended to prevent complications such as adductor muscle spasm, bleeding, and perforation of the bladder.
The success rate of landmark-based nerve stimulation-guided ONB in prevention of adductor muscle contraction during TURBT has been reported to be between 84% and 96% [32, 33].
It has been found that differences in the hinge plate is affected by dentition, while muscle scar is associated with the adductor muscles attaching to it, and the pallial line is attributed to attachment of the mantle into the bivalve shell.
In previous studies, final pH values of 6-6.3 during iced storage of some scallops adductor muscle have been reported (OCANO-HIGUERA et al., 2006; PACHECO-AGUILAR et al., 2008).
Lastly, while surgical release of hip adductors may help restore the balance between abdominal and hip adductor muscles, no recommendation can be made based on the current literature whether or not to perform adductor release concurrently with all sports hernia repairs.
It wasn't known before Saturday's game how long Garnett's adductor muscle had bothered him, but he hadn't shot well this week.
The commercial importance of this scallop rests on the size of the organisms (22cm tall) and their weight (250g at 5 years' growth), the price (USD16/kg in the international market), flavor, and the production of their adductor muscle. Its production is concentrated in the Ojo de Liebre Lagoon, state of Baja California Sur (BCS), and in recent years it has stabilized at 100ton/year.
The Middlesbrough-born defender suffered strain of the left adductor muscle in Spurs' 1-0 Champions League win over AC Milan on Tuesday.
5 GOOD TIP I always slide a knife into the gaping shell to cut the adductor muscle at the top shell.
The surrounding muscles will also demonstrate edema with thickening of the tendinous insertion of the adductor muscle. (13) Gadolinium enhancement of the adductor enthesis has been demonstrated to correlate with the symptomatic side.
Their concerns were eased when a scan conducted by the Spanish Football Federation revealed a small tear to an adductor muscle.
Team physio Tommy Simsek said Muralitharan had strained his right adductor muscle and would need up to three weeks to recover from the injury, the Sri Lankan cricket board said on Monday.