adductor muscle

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adductor muscle

muscle that causes movement toward the median plane of the body, the axis of the third finger or second toe, or, in the case of the thumb, the plane of the palm.
Synonym(s): musculus adductor [TA], adductor


Any muscle that pulls toward the midline—medial plane—of the body

adductor muscle

A muscle that draws toward the midline.
See: abductor muscle
See also: muscle

ad·duc·tor mus·cle

(ă-dŭktŏr mŭsĕl) [TA]
Muscle that causes movement toward the median plane of the body, the axis of the third finger or second toe, or the plane of the palm.
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9) reported 20% incidence of adductor muscle spasm in patients who underwent transurethral resection for large intra-urethral prostatic adenomas and laterally located bladder cancers.
It has been found that differences in the hinge plate is affected by dentition, while muscle scar is associated with the adductor muscles attaching to it, and the pallial line is attributed to attachment of the mantle into the bivalve shell.
8) These shear forces are more prominent in athletes with an imbalance between the strong adductor muscles of the thigh and relatively weak lower abdominal muscles.
It wasn't known before Saturday's game how long Garnett's adductor muscle had bothered him, but he hadn't shot well this week.
The surrounding muscles will also demonstrate edema with thickening of the tendinous insertion of the adductor muscle.
During a rehearsal of a lightning-fast section in Gerald Arpino's Birthday Variation, Joffrey dancer Patrick Simoniello pulled his adductor muscle in his left leg.
Torres will travel with the party, having been taken off at Fulham on Saturday after a hour to protect his adductor muscle injury.
In New York and Massachusetts in the United States and in Atlantic Canada, development groups have attempted to produce the northern bay scallop commercially by growing their larvae in hatcheries and then rearing the juveniles to full market size in suspended nets and cages; only the adductor muscle of the scallop would be sold.
I thought something was wrong with his ankle but they tell me it's his adductor muscle.