adductor brevis

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adductor brevis

a somewhat triangular muscle in the thigh and one of the five medial femoral muscles. It acts to adduct and rotate the thigh laterally and to flex the leg. Compare adductor longus, adductor magnus, gracilis, pectineus.

Adductor Brevis

A hip/upper thigh muscle.
Action Adducts thigh
Nerve Obturator
Origin Superior pubic ramus
Insertion Upper 1/3 of medial margin of linea aspera of femur

adductor brevis

medial thigh muscle
  • origin from body and inferior ramus of pubis

  • insertion linear aspera of posterior femur

  • nerve supply obturator nerve

  • action adduction, extension and medial rotation of hip joint (with adductors longus and magnus and pectineus), stabilizing the hip, and preventing lateral hip tilt when standing on one leg