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1. Causing or tending to cause addiction: an addictive substance.
2. Characterized by or susceptible to addiction: an addictive personality.
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Q. Am I addicted to caffeine? I love coffee! I can't start my day without it. I drink about 5 cups a day. How do I know if I am addicted?

A. When your body starts shaking, your heartbeat flutters, you feel lightheaded, you want to mow the lawn at 1 a.m., they are symptons I've had of a caffeine overdose. Drink lots of water and hydrating drinks! Stay away from Mountain Dew!!!!

Q. Am I addicted to smoking? I only smoke when I go out with my friends to a pub and at parties. Does this make me an addict?

A. You might not be addicted; however you shouldn't smoke at all since it is very unhealthy. If all your friends smoke, maybe you should start hanging out with non smoking friends as well or take your smoking friends out to places where they can't smoke and then you will not feel obligated to join them.

Q. How would you define Addiction? In every aspect of life ...

A. Thank you cerebralknevil for your answer. It's so imporant that we listen and support one another. Will you be interested in helping more people here?

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It's all dangerously, addictively, exhaustingly, wonderfully per- sonal.
Addictively light , spicy and zingy, this noodle salad makes the perfect light lunch or dinner.
For the starters, Charred Tuna Tartare served with capers, lemon zest and shallots, and the addictively delicious Jumbo Lump crab cake are what we recommend as must tries.
Pop culture isn't always friendly to businessmen, but the ABC show Shark Tank portrays entrepreneurial success as fundamentally fair, aspirational, and addictively entertaining.
Straub may be an heir to Laurie Colwin, crafting characters that are smart, addictively charming, delightfully misanthropic and fun." MARGO RABB
In spite of its shortcomings, however, the constant tension makes the novel addictively readable, and fans will enjoy the gross-out details and danger that infect every page.
There was a slight cinnamon aroma that was addictively fragrant.
Hope you'll finally learn how to cook." Like the book's dedication, like her beetroot tartare with avocado and tamarind dressing, there's something addictively refreshing about Ritu's style, which makes each recipe book she writes a complete gustatory experience.
Every time MTV decides to retire one of their addictively train wreck moneymaker reality shows, they end up replacing it with an equally (if not more) appallingly WTF show--Buckwild being its latest creation.
The blast hit the vehicle close to a busy market selling qat--the mildly stimulating leaf that Yemenis addictively chew--in a province known as a stronghold for the local branch of the Al-Qaeda militant group.
The fact that a March Harris poll found 14% of Americans (24% of Republicans) agreeing that Obama might be the anti-Christ, fits with estimates of the percentage of Americans who are authoritative personalities and use religion addictively.