addictive personality

addictive personality

a personality marked by traits of compulsive and habitual use of a substance or practice in an attempt to cope with psychic pain engendered by conflict and anxiety.

ad·dic·tive per·son·al·i·ty

(ă-diktiv pĕŕsŏn-ali-tē)
Collective term indicating use of substances or behaviors to moderate effects of anxiety or neurosis.

Addictive personality

A concept that was formerly used to explain addiction as the result of pre-existing character defects in individuals.
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Louise says, 'Like many people with an addictive personality, Paul's struggling.
I suppose the social workers and psychotherapists among you would put it slightly differently and possibly more accurately - I have an addictive personality.
We're saying nothing about Tara's addictive personality, but these nourishing hair treats would be the perfect fix for getting her hair strong and ultra sexy.
Most gamblers have an addictive personality which gets them hooked on other things like, for example, Chinese takeaways.
I don't take drugs for two reasons: firstly, I don't like the idea of having my mind altered and secondly, I suspect I have an addictive personality.
It's cohered by a quite astonishing performance from Hoffman, perfectly cast as a huge talent in an odd body, who nails the writer's weird squeaky drone, his magnetism and addictive personality.
Certainly, I have an addictive personality," he agrees.
For anyone with an addictive personality it became the perfect hobby.
Magistrates have heard of his battle with drugs and how a defective gene may lead to him being an addictive personality and be one explanation for his persistent crimewave.
com, we deal with obsessive, compulsive, addictive personality and behavior disorders, such as the disease of alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, sex and over-eating, to name a few.
But with his addictive personality, he can't resist a heady cocktail of lust and danger when Lauren pops in to help him out and they kiss.
I'm now trying to wean myself off it again, as I have a seriously addictive personality and really, really can't afford to add FAD to my list of bad habits.