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1. Physiologically or psychologically dependent on a habit-forming substance.
2. Compulsively or habitually involved in a practice or behavior, such as gambling.

Patient discussion about addicted

Q. Am I addicted to caffeine? I love coffee! I can't start my day without it. I drink about 5 cups a day. How do I know if I am addicted?

A. When your body starts shaking, your heartbeat flutters, you feel lightheaded, you want to mow the lawn at 1 a.m., they are symptons I've had of a caffeine overdose. Drink lots of water and hydrating drinks! Stay away from Mountain Dew!!!!

Q. Am I addicted to smoking? I only smoke when I go out with my friends to a pub and at parties. Does this make me an addict?

A. You might not be addicted; however you shouldn't smoke at all since it is very unhealthy. If all your friends smoke, maybe you should start hanging out with non smoking friends as well or take your smoking friends out to places where they can't smoke and then you will not feel obligated to join them.

Q. How would you define Addiction? In every aspect of life ...

A. Thank you cerebralknevil for your answer. It's so imporant that we listen and support one another. Will you be interested in helping more people here?

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She highlighted a recent case the police received in which a girl was addicted to tramadol pills.
Can we be happy with the rest of our family and friends and still feel comfortable loving our addicted children?
Raihana Haidari said unfortunately, the individuals addicted to drugs did not disclose the facts and trauma they faced.
This strange request comes from an aggrieved father whose 20- yearold son has become addicted to drugs and the family has exhausted all alternative but to seek a jail term to reform their son.
Free For Life At Last" helps addicts understand why they are addicted, what immediate steps they can take towards recovery and gives family members life changing advice on how to deal with their loved one's addictions.
So, do we just shrug at the cheater and say, "You have a moral problem," or do we look a little deeper to see if the person actually is addicted to sex?
We also work on enhancing the self esteem of family members through specialists to protect them from falling into the same trap," she said, adding that many wives also become addicted to drugs due to the pressures of having to maintain and care for husbands who are addicts.
Strong will is needed to quit, Brigadier Mahdi said, adding that they face the challenge of addicts becoming addicted to other opiate drugs during treatment.
If you're addicted to anything it's to the chase, but I get the feeling you could change if you wanted to, which means you're not a true addict.
Summary: In an attempt to change the treatment and perception of people who are addicted to drugs in Lebanon, the Lebanese Addiction Center "Skoun" and the Tripoli Bar Association on Tuesday launched a project for the "Greater Respect for Drug Addicts' Rights.
Drug-addicted mothers produce drug addicted offspring.