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a person exhibiting addiction.
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A person who is habituated to a substance or practice, especially one considered harmful or illegal.
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tr.v. ad·dicted, ad·dicting, ad·dicts
To cause to have a medically or psychologically significant addiction: The thief was addicted to cocaine. My uncle is addicted to gambling.
n. (ăd′ĭkt)
A person who has an addiction, as to narcotics or gambling.
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A person vulnerable to compulsive heavy consumption of substances with abuse potential.
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Substance abuse A person vulnerable to compulsive heavy consumption of substances with abuse potential. See Controlled drug substance, –holic, Substance abuse, Therapy addict.
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A person who is physiologically or psychologically habituated to a substance or practice.
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A person who is habituated to a substance or practice.
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Patient discussion about addict

Q. Am I addicted to caffeine? I love coffee! I can't start my day without it. I drink about 5 cups a day. How do I know if I am addicted?

A. When your body starts shaking, your heartbeat flutters, you feel lightheaded, you want to mow the lawn at 1 a.m., they are symptons I've had of a caffeine overdose. Drink lots of water and hydrating drinks! Stay away from Mountain Dew!!!!

Q. Am I addicted to smoking? I only smoke when I go out with my friends to a pub and at parties. Does this make me an addict?

A. You might not be addicted; however you shouldn't smoke at all since it is very unhealthy. If all your friends smoke, maybe you should start hanging out with non smoking friends as well or take your smoking friends out to places where they can't smoke and then you will not feel obligated to join them.

Q. How would you define Addiction? In every aspect of life ...

A. Thank you cerebralknevil for your answer. It's so imporant that we listen and support one another. Will you be interested in helping more people here?

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In jails of Punjab, barracks of drug addicts have been renamed as recovery centres.
"The addicts blackmail their families and emotionally exploit them.
A number of addicted females said they want to recover and return to a normal life.
Kisauni is one of the areas with the highest number of drug addicts in Mombasa.
Thus on one hand, the cocaine-addicts are shifting to this deadly drug while on the other, a large number of girl-students living in bachelor-hostels have also been reported to get addicted to this drug.
Behavioural Patterns###Not addicted to the###Minimal addicts###Moderate to severe###p-value*
This week on Denise's show, "Addicted to Addicts: Survival 101" on webtalk radio she interviews two Dad's who support each other, both having children suffering from addiction.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Taking advantage of the traffic chaos which was triggered by the Fenerbahce-Galatasary match, thinner addicts terrorized drivers to exact their money.
" Their sons are drug addicts. They are being booked under minor offences like disturbing peace but they easily manage bail.
Conclusion: The study provides evidence that addicts were more likely to have experienced childhood abuse and neglect than to non- addicts.
One ex-drug addict, who owns his private rehab centre and spoke to us on condition of anonymity, says he does not think there is any difference between a professional psychiatrist running the centre or an ex-addict.
The controversial American charity, Project Prevention, was set up by Barbara Harris, from North Carolina, who adopted four children born of a crack addict mother.