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Reduce your battery load with this interface adaptor and the BA-8180/U zinc-air battery.
Both styles can be used with a variety of quick-change tap adaptors, speeding changeover and reducing downtime.
When a tap adaptor, with or without a tap, is inserted into the tapholder, the six steel balls engage six indentations in the tap adaptor effectively locking it in place and ready to be driven.
As a matter of fact, it has proven so reliable and strong, that TM Smith Tool Int'l offers its Tapping Guarantee of a Lifetime, which states in writing, "If the adaptor housing of any TM Smith holder ever breaks in the area of the ball drive when used with a standard TM Smith NTA tap adaptor under normal operating conditions, we'll repair or replace the housing free".
On the other hand, the older style of tap adaptor uses two tangs measuring approximately 3/8[inches] by 1/8[inches] and spaced 180 deg apart.
During the tapping operation as drive slack is taken up, very large torque loads must be transferred from the tangs to the adaptor housing assembly.
* Non-Torque Hand Tap Adaptor - this is the basic tap adaptor and is available in three sizes to accommodate taps ranging from size #6 to 1 3/8[inches].
* Non-Torque Adjustable Length Tap Adaptor - used in applications where presetting of tap lengths is important.
* Non-Torque Pipe Tap Adaptor - the basic adaptor used for pipe tap applications from taps from 1/8 RS to 1[inch].
* Non-Torque, Extended Range Pipe Tap Adaptor - permits use of larger pipe taps with smaller diameter holders in close center applications where a common holder is desired.
* Non-Torque, Adjustable Length Pipe Tap Adaptor - used where accurate pre-setting of tap (thread depth) is required.

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