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adj generating a substance that balances the body, particularly when the body is under stress, by either stimulating or relaxing.
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In this case, we have put this patient on a testosterone adaptogenic herb and some adrenal support; the babesia symptoms are better, but the babesia is not gone.
This summer, Organix-South introduced TheraNeem Naturals Facial Oil Serums featuring a blend of adaptogenic concentrated extracts specifically chosen for their ability to feed the skin.
Like ashwagandha, rhodiola rosea is an herb with adaptogenic propenies.
Also known as "Holy Basil," this sacred Indian herb is rich in antioxidants, and has multiple adaptogenic properties, thought to protect the body from the harms of physical and mental stress.
Rhodiola is an adaptogenic herb which may help with jet lag and variations in altitude and temperature.
Hence the importance of being able to cope with stress--this is where adaptogenic herbs can help.
De-coding the secret to intelligent beauty The efficiency of In &Out skin care and wellness treatment range combines biotechnological and/or scientifically chosen natural ingredients with adaptogenic capabilities.
Ginselect is a standardized ginseng extract that is widely used for its tonic and adaptogenic properties.
Clinical trials have verified many effects of reishis, including potent anti-tumor (sarcoma and hepatoma) action, adaptogenic and immune stimulating qualities, and spleen cell regeneration.
These steroid-like phytochemicals have adaptogenic properties, which makes ginseng able to counter the effects of stress.
Citrus Blast and Cranberry Grape, chock full of adaptogenic herbs.