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Neurology Alzheimer's Disease Anti-Inflammatory Prevention Trial. A prevention trial which investigated whether inflammation is linked to the neurodegenerative changes of Alzheimer's disease and, if so, whether NSAIDs—e.g., naproxen and celecoxib—provide any benefit
Psychiatry Adolescent Depression Antidepressant and Psychotherapy. A clinical trial that compared healthcare outcomes of treatment with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) plus cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) versus SSRI alone in adolescents with major depression.
Conclusion The SSRI + CBT group was more expensive than the SSRI-only group and no more cost-effective. There was an average decrease in suicidal thoughts and self-harm and no significant increase in disinhibition, irritability and violence compared to baseline
Rheumatology Arthritis, Diet and Activity Promotion Trial. A clinical trial that queried the effect of lifestyle modification on physical function, pain, and disability in obese, sedentary older adults with knee OA
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In situations such as immigration or other abrupt sociopolitical transitions, some aspects of the parents' image of an adaptive adult may remain adaptive in the new context, while others may conflict with the host culture's notion of adaptivity.
Adaptivity is not the goal; it is a necessary means to cause learning.
The decision to quit or continue can be seen as a reflection of the user's opinion about the usefulness of the adaptivity.
Thus, adaptivity in LES computations should be used to equilibrate the modeling error as well.
A hybrid semantic/connectionist approach to adaptivity in educational hypermedia systems.
Battlefield digitization, especially with the addition of hundreds, eventually thousands of individual soldiers using Land Warrior systems, will be incredibly rich and complex, with a degree of potential adaptivity and innovation that is far beyond anything yet experienced.
To attain the same goal, Sylvain Giroux, Richard Hotte, and Kim Dao discuss an innovative idea of hypermedia-based navigation to realize high adaptivity and agility.
We are absolutely delighted that he will be leading our executive team," said George Mackie, Chairman of the Board of Adaptivity.
The next thing to consider is differentiation and adaptivity to support each student's "light bulb" moments.
App performance could suffer<p>A private cloud might, but a public cloud definitely wouldn't lead to improved application performance -- not when taking network latency into account, says Tony Bishop, CEO of Adaptivity, a consulting firm specializing in next-generation IT infrastructure.
The adaptivity of the external disturbance effect with the designed self tuning neural fuzzy controller is much better than that of controller without tuning capabilities.
Mobile Information Systems: Infrastructure and Design for Adaptivity and Flexibility