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the movement of a current in a fluid.
cytoplasmic streaming (protoplasmic streaming) cyclosis.
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a·me·boid move·ment

a type of movement characteristic of the protoplasm of leukocytes, amebae, and other unicellular organisms; protoplasm streams to a region of the cell where surface pressure is least and forms a balloon-shaped pseudopod; subsequently, the protoplasm may return to the body of the cell, causing retraction of the pseudopod, or the cell's entire volume of protoplasm may flow into the pseudopod, therefore causing the cell to move from its previous position to the location occupied by the pseudopod.
Synonym(s): streaming movement
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In the previous researches for HTTP adaptive streaming, many adaptive quality control schemes have been proposed to adjust the video quality according to time-varying network condition [9].
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The adaptive streaming over HTTP is the successor and overcomes all the issues faced by traditional streaming techniques.
In an adaptive streaming scheme, redundant multimedia streams with different quality data are stored in a storage area.
Verizon said Motorola is providing software that enables media transformation and automated workflow management, while Alcatel-Lucent looks after content delivery and adaptive streaming technology for unicast.
Media Flow Publisher supports adaptive streaming formats from major vendors, including Apple, Adobe and Microsoft, and can convert content between these adaptive stream formats.
In the initial phase, Nokia Siemens supplied encoders and streamers to enable Belgacom's subscribers to watch Jupiler League matches on their PCs and smart devices with HTTP streaming enabling a better video experience by employing adaptive streaming techniques.
The remainder of the book contains the recipes, divided into application type, such as data binding, controls, browser integration, and networking and web services, then moving into WCF Ria Services, integrating rich media, and integrating smooth streaming for rich adaptive streaming support.
Media Flow Director is intended to ensure that users receive an undisrupted viewing experience regardless of the viewing device and network conditions.<p>The product supports different adaptive streaming technologies that dynamically detect the available bandwidth and varying the delivery bit-rate.

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