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So we use the adaptive mutation and crossover operators of the DE algorithm instead of the those of the NSGA-II [20].
Adaptive Mutation. Mutation operator [31] is also an important part of the genetic algorithm.
Rosenberg, "Evolving Responsively: Adaptive Mutation," Nature Reviews Genetics 2, no.
Bell takes these theories for granted, along with natural selection, adaptive mutation and other Darwinist principles.
Since the population size is small, the crossover probability, Cp, is fixed as a value of one, while the mutation operation is executed according to an adaptive mutation probability, aMp, whose value is initialized at 0.4 based on repeated observations of previous experiments.
Adaptive mutation is carried out to current population when the population clusters around local optima.
Although three different DGCs appear to be targeted by adaptive mutation, it is noteworthy that the SBW25 genome contains thirty-nine putative genes encoding DGCs [30].
The papers following explore aspects of these issues in more detail, with studies relevant to cancer, parasites, predator evolution, maintenance of genetic diversity, and adaptive mutation susceptibility.
Both the Boolean update mechanism and the adaptive mutation process make the MBPSO a robust algorithm suitable for NN training.
Reassortment could result in a pandemic virus emerging, which has the potential to infect millions of people worldwide.The second way is a more gradual process of adaptive mutation, whereby the capability of the virus to bind to human cells increases during subsequent infections of humans.
They cover, among other topics: radical enzymes in anaerobes, the structural and functional role of RNA in icosahedral virus assembly, virulence genes in the dimorphic fungi, the adaptive mutation controversy, and multilocus sequence typing of bacteria.
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