adaptive immunity

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Adaptive Immunity

Immunity mediated by CD4+ helper T lymphocytes and CD8+ cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs), which distinguish themselves from innate immune cells by expressing antigen-specific receptors formed by gene rearrangements, which allows a more flexible and broader repertoire of responses than is possible with innate immune cells, which express germline-encoded receptors

adaptive immunity

The component of immunity that is pathogen-specific and creates memory. It consists of the mechanisms of cell-mediated and antibody-mediated immunity.
See: innate immunity
See also: immunity
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The adaptive immunity usually develops within five or six days following the presentation of antigen epitopes via APCs and innate immunity.
Spontaneous atopic dermatitis is mediated by innate immunity, with the secondary lung inflammation of the atopic march requiring adaptive immunity.
Noncytotoxic functions of NK cells: direct pathogen restriction and assistance to adaptive immunity.
Cistanche extracts have broad-spectrum benefits for the immune system, with the bulk of their effects producing favorable changes in age-related adaptive immunity.
Yet today's very fundamental understanding of leprosy in its bacteriological perspective, namely genome- and phenotype definition, host response, particularly identification of the immunological correlates of the polar aspects of leprosy, definition of the nature of innate and adaptive immunity, and genetic basis of host susceptibility and resistance to leprosy, had its genesis in the early efforts of IMMLEP to generate a leprosy vaccine.
Scientists say vaccinations work by activating the host's adaptive immunity in advance of infection.
Swanson, a postdoctoral fellow in his lab, studied a process that contains elements of both innate and adaptive immunity, known as the T-cell independent antibody response.
They also discuss lectin behaviors like glycoprotein folding, sorting and targeting, cell adhesion, embryogenesis, cell-cell interactions and signaling, and lectins involved in the recognition and effector functions in innate and adaptive immunity, with discussion of some new lectins and families.
The nine priority topics for this financing round will include biomarkers for anticancer drugs; validation tools for oncology drugs; understanding aberrant adaptive immunity mechanisms; drug/disease modeling; and others.
Modulation of innate and/or adaptive immunity to promote central nervous system (CNS) neuroprotection and/or repair
By virtue of its structural similarity to the type I cytokine superfamily (4), and the expression of its functional receptor in all cell types of innate and adaptive immunity, leptin is shown to modulate the immune response and favour a Th1 response while inhibiting the secretion of Th2 cytokines (5,6).

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