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Neurology Alzheimer's Disease Anti-Inflammatory Prevention Trial. A prevention trial which investigated whether inflammation is linked to the neurodegenerative changes of Alzheimer's disease and, if so, whether NSAIDs—e.g., naproxen and celecoxib—provide any benefit
Psychiatry Adolescent Depression Antidepressant and Psychotherapy. A clinical trial that compared healthcare outcomes of treatment with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) plus cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) versus SSRI alone in adolescents with major depression.
Conclusion The SSRI + CBT group was more expensive than the SSRI-only group and no more cost-effective. There was an average decrease in suicidal thoughts and self-harm and no significant increase in disinhibition, irritability and violence compared to baseline
Rheumatology Arthritis, Diet and Activity Promotion Trial. A clinical trial that queried the effect of lifestyle modification on physical function, pain, and disability in obese, sedentary older adults with knee OA
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The interpretability of the adapted fuzzy partitions can be verified using coverage, normality, and distinguishability properties [8].
At respective medium, no significant difference was found in RGR of adapted and unadapted calli lines.
The VA estimates the changes will save veterans roughly 12 months in the overall process of applying for and receiving a Specially Adapted Housing grant.
Vehicles for disabled drivers are normally adapted in a corner of the factory.
Perry's ( film Diary of a Mad Black Woman, adapted from the stage play, has been packing theaters.
Bathrooms in the homes of members are adapted for the safety of the older person.
Plainfield-Union: Further, under a test articulated in Plainfield-Union Water Co., 39 TC 333 (1962), to determine whether the ESVs materially added to the value of FedEx's aircraft, appreciably prolonged their life or adapted them to a new or different use, the court compared the state of the engines and APUs before the condition necessitating an ESV to the state of the engines and APUs after an ESV.
Beginning in 2005, vendors such as Storability and other members of SNIA's SMI Forum will have adapted more products to SMI-S, and devices supporting native SMI-S providers will be more commonly available.
(Salem, VA) have patented enzyme feed supplements containing fungal cellulase produced by Trichoderma viride, specially adapted for increasing protein digestability of dairy cow and cattle feed.
Adapted from Colors of the Mountains for a younger audience.
LH: While our industry is going through continued challenges, FMC is very optimistic about our future because we anticipated these changes and have adapted accordingly.
He was "shaving, with Turner Classic Movies in the background," says Rambo, when he heard Davis say in an archived interview that Eve was "such a good script, we could have opened it on Broadway without changing a word." Says Rambo: "A light went on." Now his adapted Eve will play March 30 for one night only at L.A.'s Ahmanson Theatre to benefit the Actors' Fund of America.