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Blue denim and star bikini top, pounds 25, and matching stretch jeans, pounds 70, by Peter Golding (020 7352 5778); white sleeveless, hooded fur coat, pounds 100, by John Zack (020 7580 9512); diamante belt, pounds 75, choker, pounds 100, rings, pounds 7 each, and sunglasses, pounds 12, all from Ad Hoc (020 7376 8829); shoes, pounds 115, by L'Autra Chose (020 7437 3388).
Snake halter top, pounds 25, from Ad Hoc, studded denim jeans, pounds 69, from Fenwick, belt, pounds 12, and bead bangles, pounds 2 each, all from Ad Hoc, boots, pounds 190, by L'Autre Chose
I also said that I had written to BI interim president Meren Paul twice in this regard, Kishen Narsi, chairman of the ad hoc committee, told M AIL T ODAY .
No hay nada peculiar en la derivacion de los conceptos ad hoc metaforicos.
Conference papers: The Grim Reaper: Organised Crime in the 1990s--Implications for South and Southem Africa, M Hough and A du Plessis (eds), ISBN 1-86854-328-5, 80 pages, Ad Hoc No 36, May 1999.
Military tactical operations are still the main application of ad hoc networks today.
Upon what evidence is the Ad Hoc group basing its activities, and where is it undertaking the search for these missing children and graves?
Teachers witness a lot of incidents,'' said Donna Countryman, a member of the teachers subcommittee of the Ad Hoc Committee on Diversity.
Science publisher Old City Publishing (Philadelphia, PA) will begin the publication of Ad Hoc & Sensor Wireless Networks and the International Journal of Unconventional Computing with issues in January.
Whether the device is taking advantage of the low power and ad hoc capabilities of WiMedia, or is a 'permanent,' fixed, AC-powered device that takes advantage of the multimedia-oriented topology of WiMedia and offers the consumer easy set-up (no wiring spaghetti-bail), reconfiguration and security, there is great flexibility and advantage available from this technology.
The closest he comes to nailing down what he means by the term is "mobile ad hoc social networks"--but that would seem to include less-novel phenomena, such as CB radio buddies.
Ad hoc requests represent one more disruption in their day.