(ăs′ə-lăm′ĭ-dās′, -dāz′)
See amidase.
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Plasma paracetamol concentrations were determined with an enzymatic, colorimetric assay that uses the enzyme acylamidase to hydrolyse paracetamol to p-aminophenol (Cambridge Life Sciences Enzyme Assay Kit, in an Architect C8000 Analyser, Abbott Diagnostics, Illinois, USA).
Its particular effectiveness is due to the high level of acylamidase expression in a rice plant that allows it to detoxify PRN, whereas common grass-type weeds lack this enzyme and are killed by this herbicide (Matsunaka 1968).
Aryl acylamidase activity in human erythrocyte, plasma and blood in pesticide (organophosphates and carbamates) poisoning.
In our automated enzymatic assay for acetaminophen, samples are diluted with water and then mixed with reconstituted enzyme reagent (aryl acylamidase in Tris-HCl buffer, pH 8.
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