febrile urticaria

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feb·rile ur·ti·car·i·a

urticaria accompanied by mild fever.
Synonym(s): acute urticaria
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The main etiological causes of acute urticaria are drugs, food and infections.
Urticaria is a condition characterized by localized or widespread pruritic wheals that typically exist for no more than 24 hours, having no apparent external triggers.1 By definition, acute urticaria lasts no longer than six weeks, whereas chronic urticaria lasts longer than six weeks, often several years.
In particular, the D-dimer level significantly correlates with UAS in CSU as well as in acute urticaria, suggesting its role as a marker of disease severity in both forms of urticaria [34].
The age of the children with chronic urticaria was higher than that of those with acute urticaria (p<0.0001).
Dermatology Clinic: It provides facilities including laser for the treatment of various skin diseases like Eczema, Acne, Fungal Infections, Scabies, Skin Warts, Melasma, Pyoderma, Atopic Dermatitis, Atopic Allergic disorders like Acute Urticaria and pregnancy related skin disorders.
(4) If lesions are biopsied, the histology of urticaria multiforme is indistinguishable from other types of acute urticaria, showing dermal edema with perivascular lymphocytic infiltrate.
On the other hand, acute urticaria, which affects 25 percent of all people at least once in their lifetime, can be highly debilitating, negatively impacting sleep, mobility and energy, as well as a person's work and social life.
Nonimmunologic direct mast cell activation also can be a source of acute urticaria, resulting from exposure to numerous products.
The general characteristics of acute urticaria attacks and the factors predictive of progression to chronic urticaria.
GAA patients had an acute episode of acute urticaria, angioedema, or anaphylaxis of less than 48-hour duration within 24 hours after eating raw or clearly undercooked fish, and other eliciting causes have been discarded by history and allergological workup.

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