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Poncet's disease (PD) is a reactive polyarthritis where no mycobacterial involvement can be detected after acute tuberculosis (1-3).
In literature, numerous papers reported septic monoarthritis with tuberculosis, but there are few reports on established sterile polyarthritis with acute tuberculosis of the lung or urogenital system (1, 2, 6).
Once infected with the pathogen, about 5 percent of infected people come down with acute tuberculosis right away.
CLAIMS that doctors failed to diagnose 83-year-old Ellen Carroll with acute tuberculosis led to Scottish Health Minister Sam Galbraith ordering an inquiry into Glasgow's Victoria Infirmary.
In the Caribbean, Argentine volunteers have helped distribute food to Haitian children and upgrade conditions in Port-au-Prince hospitals treating everything from acute tuberculosis and diarrhea to dengue fever and AIDS.
No reason was given for the death but a post mortem on Mrs Carroll, who had four grown- up children, later blamed acute tuberculosis.

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