blind staggers

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blind staggers

acute selenium poisoning in cows and sheep caused by ingestion of plants with high selenium content (accumulator plants termed seleniferous). Clinical signs include ataxia, altered behavior (e.g., bellowing), wandering behavior, impaired vision, paresis; glossal and pharyngeal paralysis occurs in cattle. At high doses, a peracute course ends with respiratory arrest. Referred to as sheep staggers in sheep.


not having the sense of sight. See also blindness.

double blind trial
an experiment in which the identity of the animals in the treatment and control groups is unknown to the experimenter and in addition the assessment of the results is done without the animals' identities being known to the experimenter. Called also blind study.
blind experiment
the identities of the animals that are in the treatment and the control groups are unknown to the experimenter until the end of the trial.
blind snakes
blind spot
the area marking the site of entrance of the optic nerve on the retina; it is not sensitive to light.
blind staggers
see dummy.
blind study
see double blind trial (above).
blind teat
see blind teat.


incoordination of any kind, including a tendency to fall, and recumbency if harassed.

blind staggers
incoordination, aimless wandering as in liver encephalopathy, carbohydrate engorgement.
grass staggers
paspalum staggers
ryegrass staggers
see ryegrass staggers.
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