acute pyelonephritis

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a·cute py·e·lo·ne·phri·tis

acute inflammation of the renal parenchyma and pelvis characterized by small cortical abscesses and yellowish streaks in the medulla resulting from the accumulation of pus in the collecting tubules and interstitial tissue.

acute pyelonephritis

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We studied acute pyelonephritis because it is a distinct clinical syndrome for which cultures are routinely obtained and because isolates grown are less likely to be contaminants or colonizers, compared with those from patients with suspected cystitis.
In patients with a diagnosis of acute pyelonephritis, higher success rates have been obtained in studies related with intravenous contrast enhanced (levovist) PDUS in the diagnosis of renal parenchymal involvement (22).
Because physiologic changes associated with pregnancy encourage urinary stasis, there is an increased risk of progression to acute pyelonephritis with the potential for serious infectious complications, even in pregnant women who are otherwise healthy.
In the present study, administration of a single high dose of vitamin A decreased the frequency of renal scars in children with acute pyelonephritis.
Diabetic patients are at a higher risk developing acute pyelonephritis, renal abscess, abnormalities of bladder scarring and pyelitis.
Acute pyelonephritis is characterized by shaking chills, flank pain, high fever, and pain in the muscles and joints.
2005), while acute pyelonephritis identifies women at risk of inadequate prenatal care (Korst et al.
MONTREAL -- Women who have not yet established prenatal care have a significantly higher rate of acute pyelonephritis before 12 weeks of gestation compared with women who already have an obstetric provider by 12 weeks, according to a new study,
The primary causes of the 3 IUDs were a cord complication; acute pyelonephritis, vomiting and dehydration in a patient admitted with an IUD; and a stillborn baby delivered elsewhere, with no further information able to be obtained.
Guidelines for antimicrobial treatment of uncomplicated acute bacterial cystitis and acute pyelonephritis in women.

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