acute phase reactants

a·cute phase re·ac·tants

a group of proteins that are produced and/or released in increased concentrations during the acute phase reaction, including fibrinogen; C-reactive protein; complement proteins B, C3, C4; α2-acid glycoprotein, serum amyloid A, and proteinase inhibitors.

Acute phase reactants

Blood proteins whose concentrations increase or decrease in reaction to the inflammation process.
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Increased levels of fibrinogen, certain protein globulins, other acute phase reactants, and cholesterol may reduce the zeta potential, resulting in elevated ESR results.
In the current case, although wound-site infection was suspected initially because of the increased levels of acute phase reactants, further investigation revealed a pulmonary infection.
About Rheumatoid Arthritis Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease of unknown etiology in which patients exhibit sytemic features such as fatigue, low grade fever, weight loss, anemia and increased systemic levels of acute phase reactants (e.
Moreover our patient had high levels of acute phase reactants at presentation which subsided under corticosteroid treatment.
Although colonization of these microorganisms could not be excluded, because of the persisting fever and high levels of acute phase reactants, these agents were accepted as pathogenic microorganisms.
The serum sodium levels were negatively correlated with acute phase reactants including leucocyte count (r=-0.
This latter group, the opsonophagocytic family of C-type lectins, functions predominantly as acute phase reactants.
1) Moreover, other individual measures assessed by physicians also can be collected, such as joint count and acute phase reactants (e.
Markers of inflammation such as erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and acute phase reactants (APRs) such as C-reactive protein (CRP) and serum amyloid-A (SAA) are widely used for laboratory and clinical assessments of patients who have an inflammatory rheumatic diseases.
The new criteria rate patients on a scale of 0-10 points, with points assigned in four domains of signs and symptoms: joint involvement, serology, duration of symptoms, and acute phase reactants.
They cover the translational and transcriptional regulation of inflammation, molecular components of inflammation and inflammatory mediators, cellular components of inflammation, leukocytes, microglia and macrophages, interactions between microglia and astrocytes, the systemic inflammatory response, and acute phase reactants.
Moving from the phase II specimens to the phase III specimens, there was a predictable loss in the performance soonest for markers that might be identified as acute phase reactants," he said.

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