acute interstitial pneumonitis

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a·cute in·ter·sti·tial pneu·mo·ni·tis

usually considered a form of hypersensitivity pneumonitis.
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Acute interstitial pneumonitis (AIP) is a rare but severe lung disease of unknown etiology that usually affects otherwise healthy individuals.
Our patient had clinical, radiological, and histological evidence of acute interstitial pneumonitis (AIP) as the initial presentation of pSjS [9].
In this report we describe one patient in whom an acute interstitial pneumonitis with acute respiratory failure developed after talc pleurodesis.
Talc-related acute interstitial pneumonitis with respiratory distress is a rare complication following talc pleurodesis requires intensive treatment and it is associated with a high mortality rate.
Autopsy findings were similar, showing evidence of acute interstitial pneumonitis, pulmonary edema, encephalitis (including focal neuronal necrosis of the pons), and myocarditis.
His lungs showed marked intraalveolar hemorrhage and edema, and enlarged pneumocytes with intense nuclear smudging consistent with acute interstitial pneumonitis.
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