acute hydrops

hydrops, acute

A complication of advanced keratoconus in which Descemet's membrane ruptures resulting in acute corneal oedema. It is due to stretching of Descemet's membrane as the cornea steepens. The corneal oedema usually clears spontaneously, although the scar may interfere with vision. Hyperosmotic agents may be needed to reduce corneal oedema.
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Hydrops: presentation, onset and recovery Scarring may also be a consequence of an acute hydrops episode.
Reports of single cases describing perforations have appeared in the literature, more associated with acute hydrops, (10,11) but also spontaneously, and in one instance, just a mild case.
The discovery will have an impact on advancing understanding of a number of diseases of the cornea, including acute hydrops, Descematocele and pre-Descemet's dystrophies.
The discovery can help surgeons understand diseases in the cornea such as acute hydrops, descematocele and pre-descemet's dystrophies.
* Acute hydrops arises from sudden breaks in Descemet's membrane and can result in a painful episode.

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