acute glaucoma

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an·gle-·clo·sure glau·co·ma

primary glaucoma in which contact of the iris with the peripheral cornea excludes aqueous humor from the trabecular drainage meshwork.
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In acute glaucoma, HMGB1 activates the NLRP3 inflammasome, thus triggering the immune response [10].
Acute glaucoma is more common in women than in men.
Acute glaucoma is more rare, causing a quicker increase in pressure in the eye.
Serious adverse events occurred in 2% of patients: there were no deaths, no acute glaucoma, and no significant impact on hematology tests, or upon liver or kidney function, said Dr.
Side effects, such as impaired thinking and acute glaucoma, are also a concern.
The absence of eye pain or loss of vision makes uveitis, acute glaucoma, or corneal disease (including foreign-body trauma) less likely.
Acute glaucoma comes on without warning and is regarded as a medical emergency.
Acute angle closure glaucoma (or primary closed angle glaucoma or acute glaucoma) occurs in 0.1% - 0.2% of the population [1].
It is not 'open eyes' and 'closed eyes' but open-angle and closed-angle (aka narrow-angle, acute glaucoma).
Acute glaucoma, where the pressure within the eyeball rises suddenly, making your eye sore and red.
Later on, with the increase in IOP, patients can experience severe pain; in these situations, the IOP is often comparable to those of acute glaucoma.
Wears protective glasses during matches to combat acute glaucoma but that hasn't dulled his competitive streak.

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