acute glaucoma

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an·gle-·clo·sure glau·co·ma

primary glaucoma in which contact of the iris with the peripheral cornea excludes aqueous humor from the trabecular drainage meshwork.

acute glaucoma

See glaucoma.
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Diagnoses made by referring doctor if not referred as acute glaucoma Misdiagnoses Number (n = 23) Conjunctivitis 11 Decreased vision 3 Red eye?
The anterior chamber is deep and the iris shows engorged new vessels, these two features differentiate this condition from acute glaucoma.
Acute glaucoma happens when there is a sudden and more complete blockage to the flow of aqueous fluid to the eye.
The usual cause is an easily treatable infection, such as conjunctivitis, but acute glaucoma must be ruled out.
It could be: 6 Acute glaucoma, where the pressure within the eyeball rises suddenly, making your eye sore and red.
Linda wants to find her real mother before the acute glaucoma she suffers finally robs her of her sight.
A Conjunctivitis can be very sore, but acute glaucoma has to be ruled out.
However, in acute glaucoma, the drainage system suddenly develops a blockage, and the fluid pressure inside the eye rises rapidly, causing pain and a "red eye".
Anyone with acute glaucoma usually gets fast treatment to relieve it - which means drops in the eye and often emergency surgery.
on y The most common type of iridectomy is usually done to treat acute glaucoma, where the pressure in the eyeball is too high.
A painful red eye with blurred vision or halos around lights, especially at night or in the dark, is an early sign of acute glaucoma and raised pressure in your eyeball.

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