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For example, those with higher scores in the Acute Fatigue subscale experienced more fatigue at the end of their work shift.
Acute fatigue can be manifested through two primary paths, peripheral and central.
In contrast, acute fatigue is new or a significant increase in feelings of fatigue over the previous 6 weeks (MSC, 1998).
Acute fatigue, which is one of the two basic types, is caused by too much mental activity and can be relieved by a good night's sleep.
Hepatitis C often doesn't reveal symptoms -- high liver enzymes, acute fatigue, aching joints and eye disorders -- for years.
Sweating for a T-Shirt, an excellent new video produced by Global Exchange in San Francisco, provides abundant evidence of the appalling conditions under which clothing is produced in maquiladora plants in Honduras: long hours of overtime, abysmally low wages, discipline regulated by daily production targets that are achievable only at the cost of acute fatigue and industrial sicknesses, and a labor relations regime that is extraordinarily hostile to unionization.
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