acute effects

a·cute ef·fects

(ă-kyūt' e-fekts')
Short-term signs and symptoms of a disorder or condition.
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The acute effects of coffee attributed to its caffeine content include increased alertness, mood improvement, temporary boost in metabolism, enhanced athletic performance, and reduced muscle fatigue.
As a result of this, there is ample protection from the acute effects of the pollution.
This study aimed to clarify the acute effects of SS and CS on muscle stiffness and hardness of MG by using ultrasonography and measuring muscle strength.
At least one pesticide in more than half of the 100 streams sampled in the Midwest exceeded a toxicity threshold predicted to cause harm to aquatic insects and other stream organisms, ranging from acute effects (mortality after short-term exposure) in 12 streams to chronic effects (longer term impairments to reproduction and development) in 41 streams.
Objectives: This study aims to examine the acute effects of cyclic stretching versus static stretching on the shoulder flexibility, rotator cuff muscle strength, spike speed, and spike hit rate on target in adolescent volleyball players.
2016; Pelissier, Claudet, Gandia-Mailly, Benyamina & Franchitto, 2016) as well as Hospital Emergency Room (ER) staff who treat its acute effects (Aguilar-Salmeron et al.
Despite the likelihood that exercise-induced improvement in executive control is related to the exercise intensity, to the best of our knowledge no studies have investigated the acute effects of exercise performed above and below lactate threshold on the executive control in children.
The 14-week study of PE classes looked at both the chronic effects (over seven weeks) of exercise intervention and the acute effects a bout of exercise might have on behavior on any given day.
Without medical treatment, expect between 50% and 90% mortality from acute effects alone.
In contrast to the acute effects of reproductive hormones on mood in cycling women, the article highlights a potential neuroprotective effect of gonadal steroids on mood that is delayed and extends into the stable hypoestrogenic and hypoprogestinemic environment of the postmenopause.
Previous cohort studies have not controlled for the acute effects of particles when estimating chronic effects, raising the question of whether there are independent chronic effects that represent more than the cumulative effects of acute responses.

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